Dragon Con '99
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Updated 01/08/2000

I spent four glorious days at Dragon Con 1999 talking to people with mutual interests. I spent a day with Herb and Bob from Dept. 13 Films while they looked for local talent for some of their upcoming videos. I got to meet five very nice Web Cam girls when they did a panel late on Friday night. Two of the young ladies from the panel, Samantha and Tiffany took time to talk to me afterwards and helped me over a stumbling block I was having with a story. I watched The Mighty Rassilon Art Players show that art is not dead, but after seeing their version of Romeo & Ethel, The Pirate's Daughter I can see they are at least tyring to drive a stake into it's heart. At least it gave me a chance to see an old friend who was part of their cast.

During the four days I took over 100 pictures as I wandered from panel to panel. That is what most of the following pages will contain. I will also be scanning some of the autographs I got during the convention. I'm still enhancing a few of the photos, but I have started to post some of the better costumes I saw. See the links below for the pages I have completed so far. Keep watching as I continue to update this page.

Fans & Costumes Some of the folks who took the time and were brave enough to dress up for the rest of us to enjoy.

Guests Pic from panels and talks

All Pics Page All My Dragon Con '99 Pics Unsorted. This might take a while to load.

Lost In Space Page My Lost In Space page.

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