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Lost In Space 10" Classic Robot By Trendmasters

This is one of the newest and greatest versions of the Lost in Space Robot, B9! Push button commands make it swivel at the waist, rotate its head, head goes up and down, lights flash, and in the original voice, it says either: "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!" or if the other button is pressed, it says: "My sensors indicate an intruder is present!" Another feature is a "sentinel mode",where the voice, lights, and rotating actions come on automatically, when an object passes in front of the robot! It also features pop-out arm action, gripping claws, laser pistol, opening "soil analyzer" port, and pull-back rolling action. Beautifully detailed, very true to scale and coloring. Classy toy with lots of animation & action! Comes in a wonderfully illustrated display box.


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