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Buying Diecasts


Buying Diecasts
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Buying Diecast Cars On A Budget

I was lucky when I bought my first car. It was the last race of the year in Atlanta and the driver was changing teams. I was able to get a very nice car at a low price of $20.00.  The better diecast cars run from $45 on up to over $200.00.  Since I haven't hit the lottery I have to either come across deals like I mentioned above or I do without. I've had the most luck buying diecasts on eBay. I've been able to get some recent Team Caliber Owner's series cars for as little as $20.00. Some of the same cars are still going for $65 to $95 with the dealers. I've also found some diecast dealers selling whole cases of cars on eBay. I buy the case, take out the one car and sell the rest. I've done this three times so far and I've been able to make a profit twice. On the third set of cars it worked out where the car I kept would have cost me $3.00. Not bad for a car that books for $45.00 and sells for $15.00 on eBay.

NASCAR Diescasts On EBay

How Do you decide what to buy?
Most collectors either go after their favorite driver, team, or type of car. I'm collecting specialty cars. After getting my first WCW car (after they had gone out of business) I set my mind to collecting as many of the cars as I could find. I limited myself to cars that had been raced, not just show cars. Some of the cars like the Steve Grissom car or the Halloween Havoc car were easy to find. Due to Blaise Alenander's death his 81 Tracphone car took me the longest to find. I think I have all the WCW cars now. I could be wrong since I just came across a two car Jerry Nadeau set done for QVC.